• Because of SHIC, Inc. desire to improve the overall health of families we also offer Marriage and Family Enrichment Seminars.

    SHIC, Inc. organizes activities for families affected by disabilities to help them build community in society where they are normally isolated. We see them encouraged, changed, and developing powerful purpose in their own lives.

  • Since 1994 SHIC, Inc. has organized 54 remote area medical and dental clinics to treat the diseases of thousands of people who have difficulty accessing adequate medical care.

    SHIC facilitates surgeries for young adults and children with cleft lip and palate, heart disease, spinal bifida and congenital cataracts.

    SHIC organizes training seminars by foreign experts which allow for CME credits for the medical community, whether in the city level hospitals or for village doctors . Topics range from clinical nursing, gynecology, lung disease, psychology, autism and more.

  • SHIC began delivering food aid to North Korea in 1998. This includes, rice, milled corn, whole corn, corn seed, fertilizer, clothing and medicines.

    In 2014 SHIC, Inc. began distributing daily use items including cooking oil, rice, clothing and school supplies to families affected by disabilities.


We envision a day when familiies are defined by hope and purpose, not poverty or disability.


We offer holistic care to strengthen families affected by disbilities and poverty empowering them to find a life of hope and purpose.

About Us

We established in 1994, SHIC, Inc. Asian Health Services Exchange is a charitable, non-profit organization. It is registered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.